Annual Parish Picnic - 07/27/08

The St. Theodosius Annual Parish Picnic was held at our Ridge Manor Banquet Facility grounds in Brooklyn, Ohio. Subdeacon Leon "Darrell" Felon served as the grill Master, Albert Jacob Casey and Marie Maty served as Co-chairs, Gary and Chris Byndas and Fr. John (and the rest of the Byndas orchestra) provided the music, Alex Machaskee provided Serbian medicine for the heart, and the food and fellowship was provided by everyone there.

Thanks to Nina Mytrohovich for taking the photos!
The Byndas Family Orchestra
Excuse me, I'm lost . . .
Time to warm up!
And a one, and a two, and a three. . .
One of our newest members!
How do you start this thing?
Drivers ed class
Who stole the kishka....?
Fr. Sveto joins the fun!
Our loyal fan!